Panchayati Raj Vacancy for LDC

Panchayati Raj has announced vacancy for LDC (Lower Division Clerk) for which applications will be called soon. Persons already working on contract basis on sarkari nokri will be awarded BONUS numbers. The experience certificate/bonus mark structure is as follows:

1 year experience = 10 BONUS Marks.

2 years experience = 20 BONUS Marks.

3 years experience = 30 BONUS Marks.

Candidates who worked for long time but not working as of now will not be eligible for bonus marks. I.e. if you are currently working with government contract, you will get bonus marks otherwise else if you have left the govt department, you won’t be rewarded the extra free numbers.

If you have any other questions, you can contact using the below form:

Interested candidates can check this web page on regular basis for Panchayati Raj vacancy for Clerk.

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